About Jacqueline Stella

Artist Statement

My paintings is a musical poem without words but in colors, especially having been a concert violinist before my artist career. I love to capture the inexplicable feeling in my paintings to celebrate and lift viewer's spirit and help them to achieve what they have manifested. 

As a concert violinist, you pour your everything in interpreting the written music and perform musically to communicate and create a personal connection with audience. Now as an artist with a violinist background, I pour everything in creating the art with the story of my very own to communicate and create a personal connection with viewers.  My paintings are not only for the eyes but also for the heart since there is always a special story in each of them. As an artist now, I am the composer and the viewers are the performer who interpret with their own feelings. 

I’ve traveled to beautiful cities around the world to perform in concerts and share my passion. While I was earning multiple degrees from prestigious schools in Europe and the United States, I have worked with many renowned artists and scholars in various fields. But the most awakening experience was teaching underprivileged students and performing concerts for people who were suffering from terminal diseases. I believe in incredible healing power of art and music because I have seen the beautiful changes it can make in people.

Life that have heartbeats fascinate me and they are my favorite subject to portrait in my paintings.  Wildlife that have different languages to ours, truly special moments of people, the emotions and the complexity of life that are almost impossible to describe in words or cannot be captured in photos.... they are what I am passionate about to represent in my paintings.  Depending on the mood and character of the painting, medium is chosen between oil and  watercolor. Currently my favorite medium is oil. My artwork is often titled after musical inspirations reflecting her rich cultural background.

How I grew up, what I have learned and experienced, what I have achieved as a musician and a scholar, my talent, passion and ability to express in the form of art.…I believe all these make me who I am as an artist and reflect in my art.


As a wildlife artist, Jacqueline's artwork has been selected to be exhibited in prestigious national juried shows as well as online and offline galleries including the Lyme Art Association, New England Watercolor Society, National Oil and Acrylic Painters' Society, Oil Painters of America, Connecticut Women Artists, and Madison Art Society. Her work "The Golden Brown" is chosen as a permanent collection of Italian International Museum of Flyfishing and broadcast on Rete8, Italian TV channel.  Jacqueline has also been featured in many international magazines as well as a cover art for books and magazines. Her commissioned work includes artist series by Simms Clothing line and many of her original artwork are in private collection worldwide.

Before Jacqueline started working as an artist, she has been a world-travelled concert violinist in her youth. After her private studies in Switzerland and Germany, she has received multiple degrees (Bachelor of Music, Diploma of the Royal College of Music for Teachers, Master of Music, the Artist Diploma, Performer's Certificate and Doctor of Musical Arts) as an early graduate with honors from Royal College of Music in London, England and Yale University in U.S. Jacqueline has recognized with numerous awards for her talent and achievement throughout her career including prestigious awards from Royal Orchestral Society in England and Yale University Alumni Association.  

As an active sponsor, she has been supporting Ocean Conservancy, Trout Unlimited, World Visions, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, the Humane Society of the United States, National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, Vietnam Veterans of America, National Wildlife Federation, National Forest Foundation, and missionaries in building hospitals in Nicaragua. 

Jacqueline is a member of Lyme Art Association, National Oil and Acrylic Painters' Society, Oil Painters of America, Portrait Society of America, the Greenwich Arts Council, New England Watercolor Society, Connecticut Women Artists (council member), and Madison Art Society.