About Jacqueline



Hi everyone,

I am an artist with wild heart and mind filled with fantasy and dreams. My favorite thing in the world is appreciating the beauty of nature and expressing my heart and soul through art and music. 

Many people ask me, why do you paint fish?

I’ve noticed most fish artists were first expert fishermen/fisherwomen then became fish artists. I do fish myself but I am more mesmerized by beautiful nature while I am out on the water. I want to be out in the nature to dream than focusing on the sports of fishing for a victory. Painting fish makes me feel that I can come close to the mysterious underwater world. 

There is so much life under water that people will never fully understand. Can you imagine... Fish are not below human, they are equally powerful and beautiful creatures owning their own amazing underwater world. That’s why I love to paint the actions and emotions of fish rather than just illustrating how they look like. 

I also love to paint interaction between people and fish. Two living creatures from two different world meet for a brief moment... How fascinating is that. It is breathtaking if you think about it. I wonder what fish think when they see us.. How do they feel when they are released back in the water? That is why I love to paint fisherman portraits.  Nothing is more exciting for me than painting millions of complex emotions in a portrait. The things you can not just express in words.. 

Hopely you will get to enjoy my view through my artwork. 

Thank you for all your love and support for my art. It means the world to me..

*  *  *

Before Jacqueline started working as an artist, she has been a world-travelled concert violinist in her youth. After her private studies in Switzerland and Germany, she has received multiple degrees as an early graduate with honors from Royal College of Music in London, England and Yale University in U.S. Jacqueline has recognized with numerous awards for her talent and achievement throughout her career including prestigious awards from Royal Orchestral Society in England and Yale University Alumni Association.  
As an active sponsor, she has been supporting Ocean Conservancy, World Visions, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, the Humane Society of the United States, National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, Vietnam Veterans of America, National Wildlife Federation, National Forest Foundation, and missionaries in building hospitals in Nicaragua.
As well as fishing art, Jacqueline works as an artist/illustrator for custom art, custom portraits, fashion illustrations and whimsical illustrations. She is also the owner of the Paperplane, Inc.