Artist statement on selected recent works

"Rejoice" (2024) oil, 30x24

This piece is about the celebration of God's blessings. 

The glorious blue ceramic flower pot lifted by elaborated golden feet portrays the house of the Lord. The various orchid blossoms depict the phrase "My cup overflows with blessings" from Psalm 23. And the three humming birds are the dancing angels praising the Lord full of joy. Finally, the table represents the wildlife on earth that is holding us grounded while the endlessly open sky in the background symbolizes the limitless power of the creator of the universe.

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"Imagination" (2024) oil, 30x24

How exciting are these two tiny fish toys in his left hand for a little toddler? Let's dive into the pure and innocent mind of a toddler. What is in his mind when he is playing with them? Is he imagining that fish will travel anywhere from swimming under the sea to floating high in a bubble to the sky? Are they sharing their stories about dreams? Or perhaps whispering a secret? You can travel the whole underwater world and become friends with every animal living down there. His right hand, gently protecting the fish without touching it, is foretelling the conservation spirit of this toddler who later grows up as a dedicated conservationist. His imagination is the only limit.

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